Blue Hawaii

July 06
Blue Hawaii

As turquoise as a tropical lagoon, this taste explosion was created by bartender Harry Yee at the Hilton Hotel in Honolulu in 1957. A sales rep from an Amsterdam distillery introduced Yee to the first bottle of Blue Curaçao ever to reach the islands. A true Blue Hawaii is meant to be built rather than shaken, as Yee was known to layer all the ingredients into an individual hurricane glass filled with ice, give it a stir and then hold up each finished drink to compare its shade of blue to the Pacific Ocean outside the window. Not to be confused with another luau drink the Blue Hawaiian which includes coconut cream, the Blue Hawaii was invented four years before Elvis Presley ever danced the hula in a movie of the same name. Interestingly enough, no one consumes a Blue Hawaii in Blue Hawaii but loads of happy people have enjoyed them for decades all over the world. (Note: Harry Yee just celebrated his 100th birthday in 2018! Could tropical cocktails promote longevity?)

  1. ¾ oz. White Rum


    ¾ oz. Vodka


  3. ¾ oz. Blue Curaçao


  4. 3 oz. Fresh Pineapple Juice


  5. 1 oz. Fresh Sour Mix  (see recipe below)

    For garnish:


  6. Fresh Pineapple Wedge


  7. Maraschino Cherry 


Fill a hurricane glass with ice cubes. Pour in each ingredient and stir with a tall spoon. Slice a notch in the pineapple wedge and fit onto the lip of the glass. For a frozen drink, pulse all ingredients in the blender until smooth before pouring into a glass.

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