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About Us

ABOUT US - RHS Distillery business was established in 2015. RHS LLC was licensed from 2016 as an alcohol manufacturer, distillery, tasting room & liquor store, liquor wholesale and distributor. We are located in Honolulu-Kalihi. Our mission is to offer our consumers locally produced, made with Aloha, thoughtfully crafted spirits using the highest quality ingredients available and transfer them into unique affordable luxury liquors and spirits supporting Hawaii Farmers and Honolulu Businesses.

RHS Distillery’s Vision is to excel in liquors making craft in Hawaii state combining old and new traditional European and American recipes and formulas with unique Hawaii fruits and herbs and satisfy our customers with excellent quality spirit products.
You Deserve a Break - Enjoy Responsibly. Aloha

Customized Products

RHS Distillery is also offering custom made beverages for the public (wedding or birthday parties, liquor stores, and restaurants & bars). Private Label, Signature Cocktails, Product Development and Exclusive Beverage Deals are available from inexpensive crafted liquor to unique distilled RHS Specialties. Shipping to neighbor islands and certain states is available. Ask within.

Over 40 adult beverages are available to taste in RHS Tasting Room including bestsellers such as Lilikoi Liqueur, Ginger Honey Cordial, Kona Coffee Vodka, Hibiscus Vodka, Black Tea Liqueur, Onion Spirit, Bierschnapps, Maui Pink Gin, Coconut Rum, Bacon Vodka, Turmeric Spirit, Orange Spirit, Shochu, Soju, Seaweed Vodka, Plum Spirit, Prickly Pear Spirit, Apple Spirit, Akvavit, Ahi Vodka, Bamboo Booze Vodka, Breadfruit Spirit, Ulukila, URU Beer,Ulu Gluten-Free Vodka and much more.

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